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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11016006211265152617281101Zoe GriffithsBox Hill2017/2018Women's Premier Firsts One Day1 1Dandenong
2961066462126515261873496*Hailey FerrisBox Hill2017/2018Women's Premier Reserves One Day1 1Dandenong
391338859126515260499991*James RizioBox Hill2017/2018South/East 2nd XI1 1Moorabbin
48117980126515260490481Paul GlouryBox Hill2017/2018South/East 1st XI1 1Moorabbin
5681066462126515261874068Hailey FerrisBox Hill2017/2018Women's Premier Reserves One Day3 1Prahran
66717980126515260491167Paul GlouryBox Hill2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 1Brighton
762576728126515260490462*Justin C LampardBox Hill2017/2018South/East 1st XI1 1Moorabbin
858401205126515260490458Angus W HandsBox Hill2017/2018South/East 1st XI1 1Moorabbin
9581147113126515260500658Joshua MayBox Hill2017/2018South/East 2nd XI2 1Brighton
1052658481126515260499952Jarrod R SmithBox Hill2017/2018South/East 2nd XI1 1Moorabbin
11511454894126515260490451Steven SandhuBox Hill2017/2018South/East 1st XI1 1Moorabbin
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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