Date of Event Box Hill Cricket Club : Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:19PM

Registration for Season 2019/20 is now open!

It looks a little different to previous seasons, so please take time to read this email.

All registrations and payments will be done online, via:

To register, it will be best to know your personal MyCricket ID number. 

This can be found by:
- Looking up your name in the stats from last season
- Looking up your name on
- Or emailing Luke ( or Pennie ( to find it in the 

Alternatively, you can just start entering your details and the registration system SHOULD recognise you.

If this is your first season playing cricket in Australia, and don't have a MyCricket ID, you will need to register as a new player.

Please ensure you use the correct registration form, as there will be 4 options:
Senior Mens
Senior Womens
Senior Mens- Student
Senior Womens - Student

If you have any queries, please direct them to Cllub Secretary Sharon on

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